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Department of Social Services - Ann Silverberg Williamson, Secretary - State of LouisianaWe believe: Children are best cared for in families. Solutions to Poverty are most effectively achieved in strong communities. Disbled citizens can be productive employees and live independently.
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What is the Juvenille Justice Initiative? Louisiana’s juvenile justice initiative focuses on the reform efforts of the juvenile justice system across the state.  Through the contribution and hard work of stakeholders, state agencies, community leaders and advocacy groups, Louisiana has made marked improvement toward establishing a model juvenile justice system.  This website provides information on juvenile justice leaders, organizations and initiatives and is made possible by the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
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Mental Health Court Keeps Children Out of Jail Wearing shorts and a T-shirt, the teenager sat on the sofa in his home in Shreveport's Caddo Heights neighborhood and mumbled under his breath out of anger at his mother. A moment later he yelled at her.
Dr. Mary Livers
Deputy Secretary, Office of Juvenile Justice
Youth and staff are responding positively to the therapeutic approach and the change in the culture of the operations is noticeable.
Featured Project
Art Masks
OJJ's secure care facilities provide programming to teach youth structured recreation activities. At Jetson Center for Youth, youth may participate in classes that offer instruction in visual arts that may include drawing, printmaking, collage and mosaic design and mask-making.